Contribute to Decodoku

By playing our games and solving our puzzles, you could help build a quantum computer!

Tell us the secrets of your methods to help design methods for quantum error correction.

Our project is centered around our game: Decodoku. This is a simple puzzle game based on the science of quantum error correction . By playing and coming up with a good strategy, you can do scientific research and help build a quantum computer.

By contributing you would have the opportunity to get acknowledged in any scientific papers that come from your results. You could even become an author on the paper! But these are not some sort of prize. They are recognition that these players are really working with us as fellow scientists.

To contribute, simply tell us your method for playing the game. You can do this in any way you like. You could make a video and commenting on your moves, annotate your save file, or do anything else that lets you share your genius.

We might then ask you a few questions to make sure we, and all the other players, truly understand your awesomeness. Then we'll share your description with all fellow other player/scientists.

The game produces save files that are complete records of your game. Finding them depends on your system.

iPhone/iPad - Connect to a computer and use iTunes File Sharing.
Android - Look for the folder sdcard/Android/Data/com.Decodoku.Decodoku (or something like that!) in your file manager.
Windows - Go to C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\James Wootton\Decodoku. But beware! The AppData folder is hidden.
Mac - Go to /Users//Library/Application Support/James Wootton/Decodoku

But remember, knowing what you are thinking when playing the game is more important to us than the raw data.

More Information
  1. How exactly do I contribute?
    The most straightforward way is to send us the save file for a good score. Include some description of what your strategy is. We'll let you if we need to know anything more about your method.
  2. How do I send you stuff?
    We'd rather you send it to [email protected], post it to the /r/decodoku subreddit or make a pull request on our GitHub. But you can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
  3. What do the file names for the save files mean?
    They tell you what score you acheived during that game, and what kind of game it was. Full details will be added here soon.
  4. How can I add comments to a save file?
    Save files are CSV files, which can be opened by Excel or other spreadsheet program. Simply type in your comments, and save.
  5. How will the save files be shared?
    The results are shared on the 'Results' page of this site You will be identified by the username that you choose for yourself, and not by any personal information.
  6. I'm allergic to spreadsheets. Help!
    You can share your method and high score other ways too. Like recording a game and explaining what you are doing. Or whatever else inspires you.
  1. Will my personal details be shared?
    No. We'll only refer to you by the username which you give us. We won't share your contact details. Your name will only be made public if we choose to add you as an author on a paper, with your explicit consent.
  2. Are you just making us do your work for you?
    The specific problems studied in these puzzles aren't ones we are currently working on. But they are the best ones for the public to contribute to. So you are doing your own research work, in parallel to ours.

Contact Form

Username (may be made public)
Email (will never be made public)
Describe your method
You can paste the contents save file here if you want, but sending it by email to [email protected] is preferable
Link to more stuff if you have any