Your Results


Our main game is Decodoku. This is the one we want to see results for this year.

In 2016, most results we got were for the Z10 Normal Game. Our high scorer was Reddit user aeshe1988, who got a whopping score of 861 ! You can find a description of his method here . Another high scorer was a swiss radio presenter with a score of 561 .

For the Φ-Λ Normal Game, only a few players were brave enough to tackle it in 2016. Our high scorer manage to get a score of 468 .

In 2017 we saw more results for Φ-Λ. This resulted in a high score of 974 . This is the highest seen in any of our games so far!

In 2018, we'd like to see players tackle our new hard mode for both Z10 and Φ-Λ.

For details on how to share, see here . Full details on results can be found on GitHub .

Decodoku:Puzzles and Decodoku:Colors

We aren't focussing on these games beyond 2016. But if you want to send it results, we are still happy to have them.

For Decodoku:Colors, all approved results are here  and the High score table is here .

Results for Decodoku:Puzzles are usually shared by doing our survey , which has some puzzles that are particularly hard for computers. Some of the entries can be found here .